Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.
— Jeff Bezos

Brands are led by customer needs and expectations. Brand identity follows particular human truths, taking into consideration intrinsic human motivations and needs. 

I can lead your brand strategy, ensuring brand's strength across multiple dimensions such as consistency, responsiveness and relevance.  

Whether you need an overarching brand strategy, consistency across all your online profiles and presences, or just a conversation about how we can fill the gaps in your brand, I'm here to help - start a conversation.

Without a clear understanding of your own brand, you're vulnerable of losing control of the conversation that surrounds your brand, and how you're perceived. 

As the heartbeat of your business or organisation, your brand should be defined with positioning, purpose and direction. You should be reflecting these in your products/services, media buying, and visual and other forms of communication. Your colleagues also need to be clear on what your brand stands for, so at best, are brand advocates.