In 2016, the internet as we know it turns 25 years old. Most brands showcase their services, products, knowledge and talents through a dedicated website. However they may also do this through a social media account, and/ or any combination of online marketing presences. Brands may also have a Google Business Page to assist in being found online, or highlight online ratings.

It is essential for websites to be connected to Google Analytics account or another metrics dashboard. Through analytics and analysis we can improve conversions (sales, registrations etc.) and user experience (UX), ensuring visitors find what they're looking for, and return time and time again.

unified online profile 

In many cases, brands create a series of online presence without an overarching strategy. Undertaking a review of your online presences, such as website, social media and analytics platforms, I create a unified online profile ensuring brand consistency, cross-promotion and administrative/management efficiency. 

conversion optimized websites

Often, online and traditional marketing efforts people point towards a central website where the most significant marketing goal can be achieved for example purchases, email captures or event registrations. After all the time and money spent in driving potential customers and clients to your website from social media channels, online advertising, word-of-mouth marketing and more, you want to be certain people take the desired action you want them to take on your website, for example to contact you, or register for an event, or make a purchase.

Conversion optimised websites are designed to funnel visitors to the areas of your website that will influence visitors to take the actions you would like them to take, such as registering for an event, purchasing an item, learning about a brand, or any other website goal.

Conversion optimized websites takes into consideration knowledge on user behaviours and user experience, as well as your website goals. Through page design, information architecture, navigation, imagery, text, and more, a conversion optimized website converts your visitor into a customer.

Your website should first capture your audience's attention. Then whilst retaining interest funnel visitors to your desired goal - all the while whilst been on-brand.

search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of ranking your website higher in search results so your audience is more likely to click on your website rather than your competitor's website. Website SEO requires 'on-page' and 'off-page' attention. 

On-page refers to everything you see on a website page. I can ensure that all your website content is SEO optimised, including text, images, links and more. Off-page SEO refers to your website meta-data, as well as your URL, the coding and linking of your website to another website and social media sites.

Your website meta-data also controls text that website users view on search engine results, for example the blue and black text seen in the search result image below. To ensure your website is selected in the search results, this text should be descriptive and capture your audience's attention.

 An example of how 'description' meta-data is seen in search engine results ie in Google search results.

An example of how 'description' meta-data is seen in search engine results ie in Google search results.

All websites should be SEO optimised during construction. If your website is not optimised I can search engine optimise your website to be sure you're in the online marketing game!

responsive designed websites

Changes in Google algorithms in 2015 greatly penalised websites that are not responsive in design. A responsive designed website means it adapts to whatever device it it been viewed on, such as a mobile device or pc. 

If your website is not a responsive design, I strongly recommend to update your website as responsive, for optimal SEO and user experience. 

accessibility requirements

All websites require accessibilty , the level may vary designed to work for all people, whatever they view your website on, or physical or mental ability. 


If you're not sure if your site is seo optimised, responsive in design, meets accessibility requirements or if you need an overarching strategy across all our platforms, talk to me and together we can determine the steps to take. Start a conversation with me here >>